Empire Kosher Cooked Chicken In Barbecue Sauce

Empire Kosher Cooked Chicken In Barbecue Sauce

Cooking instructions

Keep frozen. Serve Cold: Defrost in refrigerator, allowing 24 hours for every 5 pounds. Open double bags carefully to avoid splattering and serve. Serve Hot: Conventional Oven: Defrost chicken, if frozen. Preheat oven to 300 degrees F. Remove both inner and outer bags. Place chicken and sauce in roasting pan or deep dish. Cut chicken into parts or leave whole. Do not cover. Heat for approximately 10 minutes per pound. Baste with sauce every 15 minutes. Microwave: Place defrosted chicken, cut into parts to assure even heating, on a microwave safe dish. Cover loosely. Heat at Medium setting for about 20 minutes, turning dish a quarter turn every 5 minutes. Microwaves vary; adjust times accordingly.


Chicken, Water, Cane Sugar, Paprika, Salt, Onion and Garlic Powder and Spices.

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avatar Peter Green
Peter Green

"Can't find in our neighborhood."

"Can you ship to the Las Vegas Nevada area? Empire Kosher Frozen Barbecue Chicken. [email protected]"

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