Itsu Hoisin Duck 6 Bao Buns 270G

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Itsu Hoisin Duck 6 Bao Buns 270G

Cooking instructions

Cooking Instructions Instructions: For guidelines only, cooking appliances will vary. Please ensure food is cooked until piping hot. Do not re-heat once cooked. Always be careful of hot steam when removing bao buns. Steam Instructions: [Steamer] Line steamer with greaseproof paper & pre-heat. Place bao buns in the steamer & cover with lid. Steam for 10-12 minutes. Remove steamer from heat & carefully remove the bao buns. [Colander] Line colander with greaseproof paper. Place the colander above a pan of softly boiling water. Place bao buns in and cover with lid. Steam for 12-14 minutes. Remove colander from heat & carefully remove the bao buns. Serve & enjoy!


Wheat Flour, Duck Breast (17%), Water, Sugar, Corn Starch, Diced Onion, Hoisin Sauce (3.8%) (Water, Sugar, Soya Beans, Sesame Oil, Wheat Flour, Salt, Garlic Powder, Ginger, Modified Tapioca Starch, Rice, Mixed Spices, High Maltose Syrup, Sticky Rice, Red Onion, Alcohol, Soya Oil), Chinese Cabbage, Shredded Carrot, Soya Oil, Spring Onion, Sesame Oil, Salt, Rice, Yeast, Soya Beans, Oyster Extract ( Molluscs ), Raising Agents*: Sodium Carbonates, Diphosphates, Colour: Plain Caramel, Orange Peel, *Commonly found in Baking Powder, they help the Bao Buns to rise, giving them the perfect texture

Storage instructions

Keep frozen -18°C. Do not re-freeze.


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